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Common questions

Is there a minimum contract term?

A subscription provides unlimited access to WebTechResources platform across any computer or device. This includes submitting your own resources (startups, project, links), promoting the resources and inspecting NPS score, visits and other metrics.

When am I billed?

If you are on the month to month paid plan, we will bill each month on your sign up day to the paid plan.If you are on the Yearly paid plan, we will bill each year on your sign up day to the Yearly paid plan.

Is there a minimum contract term?

You will be billed automatically for the next month or next year, based on the billing cycle that you've signed up for. Our paid plans are billed month to month, or year to year. You can cancel anytime.

Cancellation and refunds policy

When cancelling a monthly subscription, all future charges associated with your subscription will be cancelled. You will not receive a refund, and you won’t be charged any more.

How do I contact you?

Send us an email at webtechresource[at] or by clicking the +Need Help button, from the bottom right side of every page.